Outback Steakhouse uses CloudPoll on Facebook, powered by Windows Azure

Outback Steakhouse started a series of polls on Facebook to learn more about the demographics, preferences, and habits of their fans. CloudPoll gives them a fully featured, easy to use, free Facebook application to just do that. CloudPoll provides the scalability needed for Outback to handle potential rapid grow of the poll in Facebook.

Check the application out at http://bit.ly/brzlsZ and you can also create and manage your own polls with the scalability of a Windows Azure based cloud solution. Best of all: It is provided by Microsoft DPE free of charge for you!



Cloudpoll is built on the Windows Azure Toolkit for Facebook, which you can download as jump start for your Windows Azure based solution at http://bit.ly/azurfb .

You can also find the CloudPoll Facebook application here: http://apps.facebook.com/cloudpoll/Home/Public

Try it out, using it is easy:

  • Type the question
  • Enter answers to your poll
  • Upload a picture or snap one with your webcam (with compliment of Silverlight 4)
  • Decide if you want to post to your wall or another page (if it is another page, such as a fan page, then you have to first add the page via the “Add Pages” link in order to be able to select it).
  • Make the poll public, or only visible to your friends
  • Click Create Poll, you are all done 🙂

Get the Facebook Toolkit for rapid development of Facebook applications, powered by Azure and Silverlight 4. Find it here!

Jumpstart development, AND build architecturally sound apps, so if they are a big hit, they won't have to be re-architected.

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Gunther Lenz

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