ISV Video: Social Networking Site Supports Eco-Friendly Activities on Windows 7, Windows Phone 7

Social networking site Every Day One Thing promotes user actions to help the environment and community. Small actions can add up to global changes. Users post actions, such a riding in a car pool or recycling, on the site and into their Twitter feed.

Video link: Social Networking Site Supports Eco-Friendly Activities on Windows 7, Windows Phone 7

Concord Mfg CEO Ryan Kyle explains to ISV Architect Evangelist John O'Donnell how he wrote both a Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7 prototype for Every Day One Thing. The Windows 7 client incorporates jump lists and a thumbnail as the user updates their status to the Every Day One Thing site.

Kyle explains that creating the Windows client and Windows Phone applications were similar. He re-purposed the WPF application to the phone in a matter of hours.

About Ever Day One Thing

"Every Day One Thing" is social check-in where you can show that doing one small thing makes a difference at a global level.

Every Day One Thing is a product of Startup Weekend project of several entrenpenuers. The prototype client application works with the site that is written in Ruby through Web Services and uses the Twitter API. You can see the site or like the Every Day One Thing Facebook fan page.

About Concord Mfg

Concord Mfg provides rapid development for business and state and local governments using software manfacturing techniques. CEO Ryan Kyle participates in software startup events and speaks at code camps in the Pacific Northwest. Concord Mfg is a BizSpark participant. BizSpark helps startups with nearly free developer tools on the Microsoft stack.

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Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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