ISV Video: Panopto Features Windows 7 for Audio, Video, Presentation Capture

Panopto lights up Windows 7 features for the latest version of their audio, video, screen and presentation capture software. Panopto implements Taskbar Progress, Taskbar tools (actionable command buttons), and Jumplists. As a result Panopto software is easier to use in educational scenarios because the app doesn’t distract from the lesson.

Video Link: Panopto Leverages Windows 7 Features - Preview, Thumbnail, Progress

Eric Burns, CTO of Panopto describes the Windows 7 features to ISV Architect Evangelist Jason DeLorme.

About Panopto

Panopto, Inc. is a leading provider of presentation capture and management solutions for the corporate, education, government and healthcare markets. Founded in 2007 with technology developed at Carnegie Mellon University, Panopto’s innovative solutions are the result of years of advanced research on scalable media systems that combine video, capture, stream, search and archival technologies.

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