What’s New: SharePoint 2010 Screencast Series (Episode 2)

Episode 2 is now available! In episode 2 I cover Sandboxed Solutions. Sandboxed Solutions allow you to install your own solutions on a server, something that was not typically allowed in earlier version of SharePoint.  Why?  Well, in past versions all code ran in the same process space so one rogue application could take down the entire server! 
With Sandboxed Solutions we can isolate your code into it's own process space and thus protect other code as well as the SharePoint process from your code and provide more stability.  This is a great feature when you consider a hosted SharePoint offering because the hoster can now allow custom code without worrying about what damage the code could cause.

What's New: SharePoint 2010 is a series of screencasts centered on what is new in SharePoint 2010 for developers. My goal is to highlight a majority of the major new features that are of interest to developers and help you get started building solutions on those features.  What better place to start that at the beginning, building your dev box. 
In this first screencast I will walk you through installing SharePoint 2010 Server on a Windows 7 development machine.  In future screencasts we will dive into Sandboxed Solutions, Business Connectivity Services (BCS), External Content Types (ECT) and Workflow to name just a few topics.  Please join me, and send me your feedback!

Episode 1: Installing on Windows 7

Episode 2: Sandboxed Solutions


John Wiese
ISV Architect Evangelist
Microsoft Corporation
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