A Little VHD (Boot2VHD) Goodness

It appears that our friends Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell have created a very handy little utility.

Have you ever gone through the process of rebuilding your machine and thought “If only I could turn this into a VHD that I could use as a base image to reuse with Boot2VHD”?  I know I have.  The problem has been that there was no easy way to turn an existing volume into a VHD, until now!  Check out the new tool Disk2VHD

This tool allows you to turn an existing disk volume into a VHD, so you can build your new laptop/pc and then right from within that running OS turn it into a VHD you can reuse with VirtualPC, Hyper-V or Boot2VHD!



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Comments (2)

  1. SanSYS says:

    cool, thanks!

    virtualbox can work with VHD, too

  2. Dgriffiths2010 says:

    In using this method should we not be concerned with first sysprepping / generalizing or specialzing the machine before we convert it to a .vhd? In particular I'm trying to find an effecient way of editing my golden images through booting to .VHD files. That way I'm running on bare metal and can test the physical hardware and drivers. After I make all the updates and changes I'de like to convert it to a .vhd or .wim that I can use for mass deployment through SCCM.

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