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rosetta_logo2Project Rosetta site has been updated to include a new a series of Flash to Silverlight tutorials. It includes an updated API Guide with a quick reference list and a full list of recommended tools, code samples and frameworks to download.

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Silverlight Design Days

You can also join in Silverlight Design Days.

Chicago, IL May 7 Register here
New York, NY May 11 Register here
Boston, MA May 14 Register here
Austin, TX May 26 Register here

A Silverlight Design Day event is an opportunity for Designers and UI Developers to learn about Silverlight through the Expression Blend tool.

The first of half the day will cover foundational topics including setting up your workspace, creating and importing assets, animation and skinning controls.  Additionally, we will cover publishing your project and a new empowering feature called Behaviors, which allow you to add interactivity by simply dragging and dropping elements.

The second half of the day, we will leave some time for proctor-led labs. Take advantage of this time to setup the tools on your own laptop or walkthrough step-by-step tutorials on the lab machines at the facility.


Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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