New MultiPoint Server Offers Schools Affordable Computing

logo-2010MultiPoint Server 2010, a new Windows product that increases access to affordable computing in educational scenarios such as classrooms, labs and libraries by allowing multiple users to simultaneously share one computer using multiple screens.

Microsoft is announcing new partnerships that create a strong global ecosystem of hardware companies that give customers a breadth of choices to buy and use Windows MultiPoint Server solutions.

Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 is an operating system that enables multiple people to connect to a single host computer with their own monitor, keyboard and mouse through USB or a video card. Each person individually controls his or her own station with an independent and familiar Windows computing experience. Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 is the flagship product in a family of shared resource computing technologies, the MultiPoint solutions, which provide teachers and students with greater access to educational technology. Shared resource computing is an emerging category that allows a customer to tap into more of a computer’s capability to enable a single host computer to support multiple users simultaneously.

ISVs can develop applications that extend the Windows MultiPoint platform and provide teachers and students with access to classroom management and other education-focused technology.

More information on the Windows MultiPoint Server ecosystem is available at

For the details, see Microsoft Announces Global Launch of Windows MultiPoint Server 2010


Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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Special thanks to the Seattle PI for Microsoft launches Windows MultiPoint Server for schools

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