Children Create Video Games Using Kodu from Microsoft Research

Microsoft is introducing children to programming and helping them advance their design, math, and problem-solving skills wth Kodu.

With Kodu, budding developers string together simple and intuitive cartoon icons that define the rules of their game world, rather than using complex programming language. The result: Anyone from seven to 70 can create a game in minutes.

Kodu is a game developed by Microsoft Research that invites users to create their own worlds while teaching them the basics of game development. Originally designed as a learning tool for youngsters using Xbox 360, Kodu is now available in a public beta for the PC.

The move to the PC platform stands to make the game more attractive to schools. By eliminating the need for controllers, schools don’t need any special equipment – students can start building worlds with just a PC and a keyboard.

See students from the Explorer Elementary School near Detroit sharing their experiences "having a blast" while learning about programming using Kodu.

For more information and download the beta see Kodu Game Lab. For the press release and details about how Kodu is being used in educational settings, see Kodu Game-Creation Tool for Kids Adapted for the PC.


Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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