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PDC was a major milestone for the Windows Azure Platform, with Ray Ozzy announcing “production” and Bob painting a future vision in the keynote – there is a lot of new content, information and messaging to digest. New services were announced including “Dallas” as we as some old favorites being re-branded into the AppFabric.

If you want to get started, or need some more information on any of the technologies, then the links below will provide3 you with a wealth of resources to jump start your development:

Getting Started

Windows Azure

Codename “Dallas”

SQL Azure


Customer & Partner Showcases

Channel 9 Learning Centers

To tie in with the launch, we have released the first wave of learning content on channel 9. The new channel 9 learning centers features content for both the Windows Azure Platform, as well as a course specifically designed for the Identity Developer. The content on both these sites will be continued to be developed by the team over the coming weeks and months. Watch out for updates and additions.

Downloadable Training Kits

To complement the learning centers on channel 9, we still continue to maintain the training kits on the Microsoft download center, which allows you to download and consume the content offline. You can download the Windows Azure Platform training kit here, and the Identity training kit here. The next update is planned for mid-deccember.


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