Ajax Control Toolkit Merges into ASP.NET Ajax

codeplexfoundation ASP.NET Ajax Library has entered Beta. The Ajax Control Toolkit is merging into the ASP.NET Ajax Library.

The ASP.NET Ajax Library consolidates ASP.NET Ajax and the Ajax Control Toolkit into a single open source project. The Ajax Control Toolkit and Ajax Libraries, components of many web development strategies, make it easy for developers to use the Ajax programming model in their websites and web applications.

The ASP.NET Ajax Library project will be released under a BSD license and can be used with many technologies, including, but not limited to ASP.NET, PHP and Ruby on Rails. Future development of the project will be done within the ASP.NET Open Source Gallery under the aegis of the CodePlex Foundation.

The library features provide:

  • Powerful developer libraries and tooling support
  • Performance – build high performance websites
  • Interoperability – use it with any server platform and alongside jQuery
  • Extensible – build on top of the library and inherit from controls like DataView

ACT provides, and will continue to provide, loads of rich controls for ASP.NET Web Forms developers to add Ajax experiences to their web applications without the need to write client-side code. In ASP.NET Ajax Beta, we have converted 34 controls to pure client script, so now developers who write client-side code (including ASP.NET MVC, PHP and Ruby on Rail developers etc.) can use them in their web applications too. As a bonus we’ve also made it possible to instantiate the ACT controls as jQuery Plugins – part of the interoperability efforts we have been making.

The ASP.NET Ajax Library is compatible with all modern Web browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

The ASP.NET Ajax Library is the first project to be contributed to the CodePlex Foundation. When the full version of the ASP.NET Ajax Library is released Microsoft will provide full product support. We already provide full support for jQuery and we will continue this going forward.

For more details about the features including code samples, see News on the ASP.NET Ajax Library Beta. To download, see ASP.NET Ajax Library Beta on Codeplex. The site includes links to tutorials, reference documentation, sample applications, and source code.


Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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