‘7 Days of Windows 7’ Means Hardware Deals

PC Magazine reports of great deals on Windows 7 hardware for the first 7 days after the release of Windows 7.


With the big launch just a day away, Microsoft is trying to make moving to Windows just that more enticing, and more importantly, affordable. The week following the launch will comprise what the company is calling 7 Days of Windows 7, with deals on netbooks, laptops, and desktops.

BestBuy is offering a total home makeover package: An HP netbook, laptop, and desktop trio for just $1199. The package also includes PC and wireless networking setup by the electronics vendor's GeekSquad unit.

Dell is offering a $100 discount on the XPS 13 laptop, and you can get in touch with Windows 7 for just $880 with the Acer AZ5610-U9072 23" all-in-one desktop with full-screen touch to show off the new touch input capabilities in Windows 7.  

Also part of the seven days, the "Buy a PC, Get a Discounted Upgrade" offer, customers who purchase a new Windows 7 computer will get a discounted copy of Windows 7 for any other machine they have lying around the house running an older verison of the OS.

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