Extend Web Applications with New Toolkits

webapptoolkitsYou can extend your Web application with a set of samples, templates, and documentation. The extensions are packaged as Web Application Toolkits and are available on MSDN’s Code Gallery. Web Application Toolkits help you get up and running quickly and easily.

One of the key criteria around the Web Application Toolkits is to enable Web Developers run right out of the box. Once you have the prerequisites installed using the Web Platform Installer, the goal of Web Application Toolkits is for a Web Developer to have a Web Application Toolkit sample application installed and running in five minutes.

For the Microsoft WebsiteSpark launch, we have released 7 Web Application Toolkits, together with an introduction to the Web Application Toolkits on Channel9 by James Senior and Jonathan Carter.

The Web Application Toolkits

Toolkits include sample application and documentation. Here are a list of toolkits currently available:

Web Application Toolkit for REST Services. This Web Application Toolkit shows how to easily add REST service interfaces for an existing Web application. It exposes an API using REST services built with the Windows Communication Foundation that can consumed by client applications.

Web Application Toolkit for Mobile Web Applications. This Web Application Toolkit is designed to demonstrate how to extend an existing ASP.NET MVC Web application to provide access from mobile devices. To enable mobile access, the Web application should have views targeting each of the mobile devices to be supported

Web Application Toolkit for Template-Driven Email. This Web Application Toolkit is designed to demonstrate how to generate and send dynamic, template-based emails from a web application. There are many common scenarios where notification emails need to be sent to end users.

Web Application Toolkit for Making your Website Social. The Windows Live Messenger Web Toolkit is a JavaScript based set of controls and libraries that allow a developer to quickly and easily add instant messaging to a Web site

Web Application Toolkit for Bing Search. There’s a set of user controls designed to incorporate Bing search capabilities into your Web site, You can discover how to use ASP.NET AJAX and jQuery to provide an enhanced and more interactive end user experience, when using the Bing API. You will also find a sample implementation of a LINQ to Bing provider that allows you run LINQ queries against the Bing API.

Web Application Toolkit for IE8. The Web Application Toolkit includes a set of ASP.NET Web controls that you can use to take advantage of these Internet Explorer new features in your own Web application, including Web Slices, Accelerators and Visual Search Providers.

Web Application Toolkit for FAQs, The Web Application Toolkit show you how to creating a great user experience that supports searching for FAQs, filtering, and paging, can become more difficult. Furthermore, this is often common functionality that has to be implemented repeatedly in multiple Web sites.


Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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