Silverlight Comes to Windows Embedded CE

Silverlight Logo h c Silverlight comes to Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 for handheld devices and gadgets. Windows Embedded CE will also support touch and gesture features similar to those coming in Windows 7 and includes improvements for Web browsing.

You’ll use familiar tools such as Visual Studio and Expression Blend to bring your software to small footprint devices.

The new Platform Builder for Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 is based on Microsoft's Visual Studio programming software, and helps you create rich user interfaces on Silverlight that can be easily ported to other embedded versions of Windows.

An enhanced Web browser is optimized for the devices and give your users the ability to plan, zoom. It integrates Flash Lite, and enables rich media such as Facebook and YouTube.

The networking infrastructure enables connection to computers, servers, services, and devices.

Windows Embedded CE is developed separately from the desktop and server versions of Windows, but borrows features from them. It can be easily broken down into component parts, allowing it to be installed sans features such as a Web browser or media player, making it suitable for devices with little RAM or storage.

For more information about Silverlight on Windows Embedded, see Microsoft Silverlight for Windows Embedded. For more overview information, see Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3.

You’ll be able to download a free trial product that includes Silverlight from Windows Embedded Download Center in October.

What is Windows Embedded?

Thousands of embedded devices have been built with Windows Embedded products, from portable ultrasound machines to GPS devices and from ATMs to devices that power large construction machinery.

Windows Embedded CE 6.0 allows you to develop small-footprint devices with a componentized, real-time operating system, for example portable navigation and communications devices.

Windows Embedded Standard is the (Next generation of Windows XP Embedded), a fully componentized version of Windows. Windows Embedded Standard includes Silverlight, .NET Framework 3.5, Internet Explorer 7, Windows Media Player 11, RDP 6.1 and Network Access Protection. Windows Embedded Standard is used in devices such as Thin Clients and kiosks.

Windows Embedded POSReady is used in a wide range of POS devices, including self-checkout systems, customer-facing information kiosks, cash registers, fuel pumps, automated teller machines, and digital signage. Windows Embedded POSReady is a flexible operating system optimized for the retail industry, with built-in networking capabilities and standards-based plug-and-play support.

Windows Embedded Enterprise products are fully functional versions of Microsoft’s Windows desktop operating system intended to power dedicated embedded devices that require Windows application compatibility and the flexibility to deploy a custom user interface. Successful applications using Windows Embedded Enterprise include kiosks, ATM systems, POS devices, kiosks, complex industrial automation controllers, complex medical devices, and gaming machines. This is basically the full version of Windows 7 Ultimate or Windows 7 Professional offered under a special license for makers of non-PC hardware.

Windows Embedded NavReady  is an operating system and set of development tools that allows you to build handheld portable navigation devices (PNDs) that connect to online services, Bluetooth capable mobile phones, Windows-based PCs, and the Internet.

Windows Embedded Server is a fully functional version of Microsoft’s server operating system with built-in security, reliability, and availability features intended for use in an embedded solution consisting of purpose-built hardware and application software. Windows Embedded Server is used to build a wide variety of server solutions including Medical imaging, security and surveillance, industrial automation and telecommunications.

How to Become a Windows Embedded Partner

Join the Microsoft Partner Network. Then you can enroll in to become an embedded program.

Registered Partners. You’ll need is a designated primary contact, a Windows Live ID, and an MSPP membership. Download the enrollment instructions and get started!

Gold and Silver Partners Registered and Silver Level WEPP partners are invited to self-nominate for the next program level. Nomination Forms can be found on the Windows Embedded Partner Resource Center. Candidates for Silver and Gold status are evaluated on their Windows Embedded experience, marketing reach, involvement in design-wins, and industry reputation.

For more information on partnering with Windows Embedded, see Windows Embedded Partner Program Requirements.


Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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