Videos Updated Show How to Scale SQL Server

SQL Server 2008 Grid h The video content has been updated for Essential SQL Server 2008: Database Infrastructure and Scalability workshop on SQL Server 2008 Jumpstart.  While the released version of this content has been available for quite some time, updated versions of the session recording videos are being made available.  There are 70 new videos divided into 8 to 12 minute segments for nearly 12 hours of content.

This intensive 2 day workshop is full of content to help DBA’s and developers understand how to manage SQL Server 2008 improvements affecting performance, security and scalability, including:

  • Backup compression
  • Transparent data encryption
  • All actions audited
  • Centralized management of multiple SQL Server instances
  • Policy based management
  • Performance data collection
  • Resource governor
  • Extended events
  • Sparse columns and column sets
  • Spatial indexes
  • Filtered indexes
  • Change tracking
  • Change data capture
  • Data compression
  • Query optimizer improvements
  • Partitioning improvements

Content on SQL Server 2008 Jumpstart. contains presentations, recordings, hands-on labs and demonstrations for the SQL Server 2008 JumpStart technical training event.


Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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