Microsoft IT’s Top 10 SQL Server 2008 Features


Today, more than 4,700 Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 instances with about 100,000 databases on dedicated hosts support 1,300 applications across several teams in Microsoft Information Technology (Microsoft IT). Because it has deployed SQL Server 2008 since early beta, Microsoft IT has had time to assess and report the top 10 features of the product in its environment.


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Following are 10 key reasons why Microsoft IT is excited about the enhancements in SQL Server 2008.

1. Row Data Compression

2. Page-Level Data Compression

3. SQL Server Integration Services

4. Multidimensional Expressions

5. Resource Governor

6. Star Join

7. Change Data Capture

8. MERGE Operator

9. Transparent Data Encryption

10. Database Mirroring

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