Bing SDK Available for Silverlight, iPhone, Mac

A Bing software development kit (SDK) for iPhone and Mac is available for download on the Microsoft CodePlex community development site. The kit includes source code. The kit allows you to integrate results from Bing Search for Web, Image, Video, News, and Phonebook results into your applications.

The announcement was made on the Bing community site in a posting, Sprinkle Some Cocoa on Bing.

The SDK for iPhone provides:

  • The ability to easily query Bing from within your Cocoa or Cocoa Touch application.
  • Perform both synchronous and asynchronous queries.
  • Search Bing for Web, Image, Video, News, and Phonebook results.

You can download the the new kit from Bing SDK for iPhone and Mac. The new Bing iPhone and Mac solution is essentially an Objective-C/Cocoa wrapper for the Bing API that provides the potential to easily add dynamic search results to applications.

The kit joins other kits for developers that are available for Silverlight and the Bing SDK.


There’s also a SDK available for Silverlight at Silverlight SDK for Bing. This SDK provides a working sample control for Silverlight 3.0 that implements all the features of two additional assemblies, which together provide a rich set of user experience for consumption of Microsoft Bing search results.


The Bing API provides you with programmatic access to Bing. It gives you flexible options for building or enhancing your site or applications.

You can get the Bing API SDK from the Microsoft Download Center. The Software Development Kit contains:

  • A help files and code samples for developing applications with the Bing API.
  • 65 code samples covering each of three protocols (JSON, XML, and SOAP) for each SourceType in multiple languages (JavaScript for JSON, Visual Basic and C# for XML and SOAP).

The Bing API also offers the possibility to build revenue from your site. Search ads are currently available as a pilot program, and only for U.S.-based publishers. To find out more about applying for ads, see monetizing your search application.

To get started, create an AppID. Note that when you apply for an AppID, you agree to our full API terms of use.

Bing Map SDK

Use the Bing Map Control to create your own mapping and location applications. To get the Bing Map Control SDK and information about other Bing Maps APIs, go to the Bing Maps Developer Center.


Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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