Windows 7 Toolkit Validates Against All Requirements

windows 7 bl h The Windows 7 Client Software Logo Toolkit helps you figure out how ready your software is for Windows 7. In fact, almost all applications that work with Windows Vista are already ready. We recommend getting the logo gives your customers confidence that your software is ready for Windows 7,  Even if you don’t get the logo, the using the toolkit to test you r products gives you confidence that you too can announce support for Windows 7.

The current Beta 2 release of Windows 7 Client Software Logo Toolkit. helps you validate your products for the Compatible with Windows 7 software logo program. Beta 2 is our “feature complete” release. We recommend that ISVs use this version to validate their products ahead of Windows 7 general availability (GA) on October 22. Although this is a beta release, software tested with the toolkit qualifies for the Compatible with Windows 7 software logo.

Note: Beta 2 is the same release I blogged about in Updated Compatible with Windows 7 Software Logo for RTM Has New UI.

This release validates 100% converge of the requirements. It also includes a new graphical user interface to help you through the validation process. There’s also automatic waiver detection for faster processing. The report is more concise and is tamper resistant.

Compatible with Windows 7 is an easy way to inform end users that apps are compatible with Windows 7, and there is no cost to ISVs to participate in the program. it differentiates you from your competitors, who might not yet be ready. As a valued logo partner, the Compatible with Windows 7 program also offers you a variety of benefits including co-branding, MS partner points, and premier placement on a variety of online consumer facing sites.

Steps to Use the Toolkit

Here are a few simple steps towards getting started.

  1. Build out a 64-bit computer or virtual machine with Windows 7 and the toolkit installed.
  2. Download the Beta logo toolkit here
  3. Use the toolkit while you install, run, and uninstall your application. The toolkit creates a test report and recommendations for next steps.
  4. Submit the test report produced by the toolkit via WinQual. You’ll sign some documents on logo usage and add your application to the Compatibility Center.
  5. If a waiver is needed for a failing test case from the toolkit report, the streamlined waiver will be initiated directly through the toolkit UI

Using the Compatible with Windows 7 Software Logo Toolkit

You can use either the graphical user interface or the command line too.

cert1  cert2

When you’re done, you get a report. The report spells out the results of how your software did against the requirements. There are three outcomes for each test:

  • PASS – no issues.
  • PASS WITH WARNINGS – Logo requirements have been satisfied, however there are still issues than can be addressed. An explanation of the issue, impact if not fixed, and instructions and links on how fix this issue are provided in the report.
  • FAIL – Logo requirement is not met. Application must be fixed and retested, or a valid waiver is necessary for this application to receive the Logo. An explanation of the failure, impact of this issue, and instructions and links on how fix this issue are provided in the report.


For more information on how to submit a waiver and what common waivers are granted for business reasons, see Guidelines for Waivers in Compatible with Windows 7 Software Logo.

Front Runner

frontrunnerlogo Sign up for the Windows Server 2008 R2 Front Runner program. Front Runner is an early adopter program for ISVs in the US that helps you get your applications compatible with the latest Microsoft technologies. Once you tell us that your application is compatible, you’ll get a range of marketing benefits to help you let your customers know you’re a Front Runner, including customizable marketing and PR campaigns as well as listings in Microsoft directories that are viewed by millions of people.

For ISVs outside the United States, you can register and participate in ISV App Compat.


Additional frequently asked questions (FAQ) and the corresponding answers are maintained at the following location:
Technical FAQ
Business FAQ


Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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