VB, C# Get New Language Features

Next versions of Visual Basic and C# each get new language features that are outlined in a post by S. Somasegar, Senior Vice President of Microsoft’s Developer Division. In a blog post, VB and C# enhancements in VS 2010, he details the coming features that make it easier to write your code.

Visual Basic

The key enhancements to Visual Basic include:

  • You no longer will need the underscore (“_”) character when breaking a code statement across multiple lines in most cases.
  • Auto-implemented properties cuts the lines of code needed to write property declarations and their getters and setters.
  • Collection initializers and array literals are simpler.
  • Lambdas can now contain expressions that don’t return a value.
  • Interoperating dynamic language code is now easier so you can call into Python and Ruby libraries.


C# 4.0’s major themes are interoperability with dynamic programming paradigms and improved Office programmability.

  • Dynamic lookup, a new feature in C# 4.0, allows you to use and manipulate an object from IronPython, IronRuby, JScript, the HTML DOM, or a standard .NET library in the same way, no matter where it came from.
  • Adding the new dynamic keyword to your code allows its type to be resolved dynamically at runtime rather than statically at compile-time.
  • Optional parameters are declared with a default value in the method signature.
  • Named arguments are also a great way to write self-documenting calls to your existing methods, even if they don’t use optional parameters.

For more information and code samples, see VB and C# enhancements in VS 2010.


Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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