Updated Compatible with Windows 7 Software Logo for RTM Has New UI

Windows-7-Client-Software-Logo-Program The Compatible with Windows 7 software logo toolkit has been updated for RTM.  The new tool includes a graphical user interface making it easier to use. 

The software logo toolkit work on the released version of Windows 7. You can get the released version of Windows 7 from MSDN or TechNet subscriptions.

Once your applications are tested, you upload the results to WinQual. Once your results are uploaded, you can register your application with Compatibility Center. If you register your application with Front Runner too, you’ll receive additional benefits.

(Note, the Front runner program does not require a software logo. Additional marketing and support benefits are available to any ISV who declares your application as compatible. The logo test is one of the best ways to insure compatibility.)

To earn partner points, log into the Microsoft Partner Network site as a member of your company and add name of your application typed exactly the same way as your used in submitting it to WinQual. The partner program site will award you 30 partner points.

There are many challenges that you might encounter due to business reasons of your software. You can get waivers for certain requirements. The process is known and nearly automatic for some issues. You can learn more about the waiver process at Guidelines for Waivers in Compatible with Windows 7 Software Logo. You can complete a waiver here.

Getting the Software Logo Kit

You can get the Software Logo for Windows 7 RTM from Connect. Although this kit is labeled beta 2, it works only with the RTM and will provide you with a logo for the duration work Windows 7.

The software logo tests about half of the items that you might have had tested in Windows Vista. So you’ll find this experience very different than before.

Test your application on a clean Windows 7 64-bit computer. Those who have done it often use Hyper-V or Virtual PC to construct a virtual machine they can reuse with different versions of the software.

The kit monitors your program as you install, run, and uninstall your program. It produces an XML file that you upload to WinQual.

More information about what you need to look for

Get the RTM

You can get the release through MSDN and TechNet for 32-bit and 64-bit.. Get the 64-bit version for compatibility testing.

However, if you haven’t received the released version, you can get it from a variety of sources. And there are programs that Microsoft has to help.

For more information about the various programs and ways you can get Windows 7, see Windows 7 Available to ISVs Today.

Front Runner

frontrunnerlogo Sign up for the Windows Server 2008 R2 Front Runner program. Front Runner is an early adopter program for ISVs in the US that helps you get your applications compatible with the latest Microsoft technologies. Once you tell us that your application is compatible, you’ll get a range of marketing benefits to help you let your customers know you’re a Front Runner, including customizable marketing and PR campaigns as well as listings in Microsoft directories that are viewed by millions of people.

For ISVs outside the United States, you can participate in ISV App Compat for Windows Server 2008 R2.

Windows 7 ISV Remediation Workshops

Register for workshops worldwide and get support from Microsoft experts to ensure your application is compatible. This is a unique opportunity for you to bring in your client application, install it on pre-built Windows 7 machines, and spend a few hours alongside a Microsoft client expert.

Click here to search for workshops worldwide. More workshops are planned across the US in August and September.

Watch this blog for more details about Windows 7 training and labs across the US.

Videos on Windows 7 for Developers

We highly suggest that you spend time viewing the 60-minute online Windows 7 Compatibility training at msdev.com and review the Windows 7 Application Quality Cookbook prior to attending the workshop.

You can see the series of videos on MSDEV, A Developer's First Look at Windows 7.

You can also see how my partner Attachmate earned the software logo on Channel 9 at How Attachmate Earned Windows 7 Software Logo.

Light up Your Application Using Windows 7 Features

In this four-part of this series, we explored the business reasons to support Windows 7 and how you can be sure your application is compatible, three features you should incorporate right away, and how you can lead your marketplace by adopting Windows 7 features.


Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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Comments (2)

  1. marcel says:


    You mention that we should be able to test in a virtual environment. But Virtual PC and Windows Virtual PC only support 32bit guest OSs.

    How can I test in a virtual environment?



  2. Bruce Kyle says:

    Hi Marcel,

    Hyper-V comes with Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 (or try the free Hyper-V Server). All support 64-bit. See http://www.microsoft.com/hyper-v-server/en/us/default.aspx

    Hope this helps.

    — bruce

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