Real Life Designers Explore Silverlight

Silverlight Logo h c Ever want to see how designers approach Silverlight development in the real world using Macs? Microsoft Partner Mess Marketing is pulling together their experiences as they ramp up on Web and UX technologies. The effort is subtitled The (mis)adventurs of a small creative team’s foray into Silverlight developing in their Mac-based environment on their new site called Mess With Silverlight and includes Expression and third party tools they use in day to day projects.

Rob describes their efforts, “Right off the bat we knew a challenge was going to be talking to teams that aren’t necessarily “Microsoft shops” immersed in the .net/visual studio development world, especially creative agencies that depend on Adobe software running on the Mac. But we’re also fans of using the right tool for the right job.”

You can find written and video blog posts each week drawing upon projects development. With the completion of each project, Mess will provide for download the sources files and documentation:

  • WordPress Plug-ins:
    • Twitter Feed: Silverlight-based Twitter badge designed to sit in a blog's sidebar - LIVE
    • Media Player: Silverlight-based player designed to be embedded into a blog - LIVE
  • “Bing-O!”: Fun Silverlight-based application that pulls Bing search results into a hipster Bingo card -LIVE
  • RSS Radio: Out of browser Silverlight-based audio player that streams MP3 music files
  • Social media aggregator: Culmination Silverlight-based application for this blog effort. The aggregator will pull feeds from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Last.FM and will incorporate IE8 webslices showcasing Silverlight.


Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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