Windows Embedded Development Center Updated on MSDN

Windows Embedded logo b h There’s a new design for its MSDN site devoted to Windows Embedded operating systems. Windows Embedded operating systems are available to OEM system builders only, who make it available to end users pre-loaded with the hardware. ISVs

The site now includes a Learn tab where you can find learning materials by content type, version and learning level; Search a dedicated database for CE tips, and links to forums. The update was announced on the team’s blog MSDN Embedded Pages have been Revamped where you can find additional information about what’s new.

Windows Embedded Developer Center is designed to give developers quick access to information about Microsoft's embedded operating systems, including:

  • Windows Embedded CE. Develop small footprint devices with a componentized, real-time operating system. Used in a wide array of devices, including portable navigation and communications devices.
  • Windows Embedded Standard. The next generation of Windows XP Embedded. Develop advanced commercial and consumer devices to run thousands of existing Windows applications and drivers. Used in devices such as set-top boxes and kiosks.
  • Windows Embedded Enterprise. For dedicated embedded devices that require custom interfaces and fully functioning Windows XP Professional or Windows Vista operating systems. Used in devices such as gaming devices and ATMs.
  • Windows Embedded POSReady. The next generation of Windows Embedded Point-of-Service. This product lets you connect a variety of retail or hospitality device peripherals onto a single point of service system. Used in a wide range of point of service devices, including Self-Checkout and Full-Featured POS devices
  • Windows Embedded NavReady. Develop devices optimized for portable navigation with Windows Embedded NAVReady. Used in portable navigation devices such as GPS and Multimedia Internet Devices.
  • Windows Embedded Server. Fully functional versions of Microsoft’s server operating system with built-in security, reliability, and availability features intended for use in an embedded solution consisting of purpose-built hardware and application software.

If you're not sure which Windows Embedded product is right for you, look at Choose the Right Embedded Product to see a comparison of the Windows Embedded family of products to determine which is more suited to your device needs.

Windows Embedded is now available in your MSDN subscriptions.

The Windows Embedded Developer Center does not include resources for Windows Mobile developers. You can get plenty of online content targeting Windows Mobile, including the Windows Mobile team blog. If you’re interested in the additional capabilities of Windows Mobile, see Windows Mobile development center on MSDN.


Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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Special thanks to Jonathan Angel at Windows for Devices.


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