SQL Server 2008 R2 – Application and Multi-Server Management

Investments in application and multi-server management will help organizations proactively manage database environments efficiently at scale through increased visibility into resource utilization for improved consolidation and efficiencies across the application lifecycle—all with tools that make it fast and easy.

Single Unit of Deployment

Top Features

  • The new control point explorer in Microsoft® SQL Server® Management Studio provides dashboard and drill down utilization views of instances and applications

  • Simple out-of-the-box experience allows you to quickly set up and enroll instances into a central control point—no professional services required

  • Gain insight into resource utilization through policy evaluation and analysis of trending instances and applications—streamlining consolidation efforts

  • A new single unit of deployment, Data-tier Application Component (DAC), packages database schema (database, tables, stored procedures, etc) with deployment requirements and can be extracted from existing applications or created in Microsoft Visual Studio®—accelerating deployments and upgrades

  • Interoperability with Visual Studio delivers a new project type with tools to help developers write higher quality database applications, capture deployment intent, and produce a single unit of deployment for handoff to DBAs—helping reduce the trial and error associated with deployment

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