Windows 7 Available to ISVs Today

windows 7 bl h ISVs and customers who have MSDN or TechNet subscriptions are now able to download and use English-language version of Windows 7 today. You can get the release through MSDN and TechNet for 32-bit and 64-bit.  For more information on Windows 7 availability in other languages and other license agreements, see When will you get Windows 7 RTM?

I wanted to provide some ways ISVs can take advantage of discounts and programs Microsoft has help you get the tools to write software for Windows 7.

Ways to Get Windows 7 RTM

You can get Windows 7 through MSDN subscriptions and through programs in the Microsoft Partner Network. These programs also offer discounts to ISVs and other partner types who qualify.

MSDN Subscriptions include developer tools, client and server platforms, and tech support incidents.

Here’s a list of ways ISVs can get Windows 7 before General Availability on October 22.


BizSpark program is available to startup ISVs. Among the benefits is an MSDN subscription.  If you are developing software, privately held, less than three years old, and making less than $1 million annually, you qualify.

For more information or to join, see BizSpark.

Empower for ISVs

If you are a larger ISV or in business longer, you may be eligible for the Empower program for ISVs. Membership gives you access to essential development tools, resources, and support that will help you accelerate your product development and get your application to market faster.

This is all available for U.S.$375 per year. To qualify you commit to developing one packaged and resalable custom application on one or more Microsoft platformsL Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 or newer, SQL Server 2005 or newer, Dynamics, or Windows Mobile.

For more information, see Empower program.

Certified and Gold Certified

One of the key benefits of achieving Certified Partner or Gold Certified partner is the software benefit that gives you one or more licenses to servers and multiple licenses to client operating systems. You earn these partnership awards by certifying your applications on Microsoft products to earn the ISV competency. Earning the Compatible with Windows 7 software logo counts toward becoming a Certified or Gold Certified partner.

You can learn more in the Microsoft Partner Program Guide.

Visual Studio Discounts

Several versions of Visual Studio are available with MSDN subscriptions that includes Windows 7 with good sized discounts:

Note: There are other discounts on Visual Studio available that might not include MSDN subscriptions. See Volume discounts and special offers for more information.

Microsoft Partner Network Discounts

If you are a Registered member of the Microsoft Partner Network, be sure to have your Microsoft Partner Network ID number ready. You qualify for discounts whenever you purchase Microsoft products through resellers. Joining Microsoft Partner Network is free. To join, see Microsoft Partner Program Enrollment.

Release Candidate Available for Limited Time

Those who do not have subscriptions can still download the Release Candidate (RC)  free-of-charge through August 20. You can use the RC version to test your applications and applications tested on the RC can be submitted for the Compatible with Windows 7 software logo program. The RC version will continue to work through March 2010.

Action Pack

Microsoft Action Pack Subscription (MAPS) provides Registered Members of the Microsoft Partner Program internal-use, full-version software and sales resources. It doesn’t include an MSDN subscription but does include Windows 7 and many of the servers for use in your company. Action Pack is available to ISVs and other partner types who sell, service and support Microsoft products.

For more information, see Microsoft Action Pack Subscription (MAPS).

Free Support to Help You Get Your Apps Compatible

ISVs in the US can join Front Runner to get help in getting your application compatible and to get your application promoted on Microsoft sites and within the application compatibility tools used by your customers. Outside the US, ISVs are joining in ISV App Compat to register applications. This site provides the tools and technical resources you need to get your application compatible.

In addition, more and more applications have earned the Compatible with Windows 7 software logo.

Windows 7 ISV Remediation Workshops

Register for workshops worldwide and get support from Microsoft experts to ensure your application is compatible. This is a unique opportunity for you to bring in your client application, install it on pre-built Windows 7 machines, and spend a few hours alongside a Microsoft client expert.

Click here to search for workshops worldwide. More workshops are planned across the US in August and September.

Videos on Windows 7 for Developers

We highly suggest that you spend time viewing the 60-minute online Windows 7 Compatibility training at and review the Windows 7 Application Quality Cookbook prior to attending the workshop.

You can see the series of videos on MSDEV, A Developer's First Look at Windows 7.

Light up Your Application Using Windows 7 Features

In this four-part of this series, we explored the business reasons to support Windows 7 and how you can be sure your application is compatible, three features you should incorporate right away, and how you can lead your marketplace by adopting Windows 7 features.



Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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  1. kevin forsythe says:

    is Windows2008-R2 going to be posted today on MSDN, Technet … per the win7 blog posting on 07/30.. I don’t see it yet for download

  2. Bruce Kyle says:

    My son is downloading Windows 7 now. I understand that Windows Server 2008 R2 will be available next week.

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