Windows 7 Incubation Week In Reston, VA


Are you or do you want to be an Entrepreneur? Do you have a great idea about a software product or service? Could you use technical expertise from Microsoft experts to implement your idea?  Could you use exposure of your product and company through the Microsoft channels?

If your answer to one ore more of the questions above was yes, then the incubation week is for YOU and best of all, it is free!

To apply or if you have any question simply apply by contacting Sanjay Jain or Ashish Jaiman. Please provide information on your venture, your product idea, and the team members attending the incubation week. 

Where: Microsoft Technology Center, Reston, VA

When: Mon 8/24/2009 to Fri 8/28/2009.

The event consists of ½ day of training, 3 ½ days of active prototype/development time, and a final day for packaging/finishing and reporting out to a panel of judges for various prizes.

Some more information below:

Microsoft BizSpark Incubation Week for Windows 7 is designed to offer the following assistance to entrepreneurs:

  • Learn and build next generation applications using new and unique Windows 7 capabilities with the help of on-site advisors and off-shore development teams

  • Access coaches, guest speakers, and a panel of industry experts

  • Generate marketing buzz for your brand

  • Create opportunities to be featured in upcoming Windows 7 launch activities


In order to be accepted your venture should, but is not limited to, target one or more of the following scenarios:

This event is a no-fee event (plan your own travel expenses). Each team can bring up to 3 participants (1 business and 1-2 technical). To nominate your team, please submit the following details to Sanjay Jain or Ashish Jaiman (preferably via your BizSaprk Sponsor).  Nominations will be judged according to the strength of the founding team, originality and creativity of the idea, and ability to leverage new and unique Windows 7 features.

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