What will you manage with Microsoft Dynamics xRM – its not just about Sales and Marketing anymore

I spend much of my time talking with solution developers and architects to convince them that they can build many systems using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 as a development platform or Microsoft Dynamics xRM. Time afer time we see opportunities where development companies can get their solutions to market faster by leveraging our Dynamics xRM platform however the question is still asked, do you have some examples of what can be built. Now we have a video that can really show you what can be built and is funny as well!

Of course this is only the begninning of the story. There are so many places that Dynamics xRM can be used it is important to stop now and before you start building up your next version of your solution or before you start planning your next solution that you think does this really need building from the ground up or can I leverage a development platform like Microsoft Dynamics xRM.

Of course there are many more scenarios where this could be used. Such as the guide dogs for the blind association who tracks the lifecycle of a dog from birth to death, perhaps this could be called Microsoft Dynamics DRM (dog relationship management).

Another scenario was the idea of using Dynamics xRM to track a network of ATM's which all can communicate remotely back to base. The possible solutions for Dynamics xRM or limited only by your willingness to reach out to your local Dynamics evangelist and ask the question, is my next development project a candiate for Microsoft Dynamics xRM

Look forward to hearing from you 


John O'Donnell
Microsoft Dynamics ISV Architect Evangelist
Microsoft Corporation
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