Videos Show How to Connect PHP on Windows

interoperability You can now view offline recordings of the Connecting PHP to Microsoft Technologies Webcast presented by Sumit, who demoed PHP projects (samples toolkits, frameworks and SDK) that we announced in May (Announcing PHP SDK for Windows Azure… and much more!).

These projects enable PHP developers to easily extent their web applications using some of the Microsoft technologies. Here’s a recap of the current projects:

Sumit also introduced new project during the webcast:

The offline recording is now available for download at (there are a couple minor glitches in the audio, just skip ahead for a few seconds when it happens 😉 and you’ll find bellow a zip containing Sumit’s presentation (PDF and PowerPoint PPTX)

This webcast is part of CodeWorks 09 summer series organized by PHP|Architect website. The series touch a number of PHP related topics including two additional sessions focused on PHP and Microsoft technologies interoperability.
Please mark your calendar:

In addition you might want to check out the free May 2009 issue of php | architect magazine which focuses on running PHP on Windows, and additional technical details on how to use some of the Microsoft products with PHP.

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