Expression 3 Ships For Designers, Developers

 Expression 3 has launched; see Expression Web site and and download the 60 day trial. Expression 3 supports the new version of Silverlight and incorporates SketchFlow.

Microsoft Expression Studio opens up a new world of creative possibility. Its professional design tools give you the freedom to make your vision real—whether you’re designing for standards-based Web sites, rich desktop experiences, or Silverlight.

Expression consists of several products that are stand alone or in the Studio suite or by subscription.

  • Expression Web makes creating compliant standards-based Web sites faster and easier. With a state-of-the-art design surface that generates clean CSS, you can make design decisions on the fly, knowing that you're seeing a faithful representation of the final browser-rendered page.
  • Expression Blend is the tool for interaction design on the Silverlight and .NET platforms and enables user experience concepts to be delivered with full fidelity, from the initial prototype to the completed project.
  • SketchFlow prototypes are fast, easy and inexpensive to build, making it possible to create, explore and compare multiple ideas before moving forward with a solution.
  • Expression Design is a professional design tool for creating graphics content that can be used within the authoring applications in Expression Studio: Expression Blend and Expression Web.
  • Expression Encoder 3 provides the power of industry leading encoding, in a simple approachable interface to make it easy to prepare video for use in a variety of ways, including Silverlight on the Web.

Because Microsoft design and development tools are built for application development, Microsoft can offer more innovation with less packaging to maximize developer productivity.  This means more bang for your buck, shorter learning curves, less time switching between products, and ultimately keeping developers focused simply creating amazing software.

Microsoft provides the most robust solutions for building and deploying the best user experiences possible, at the lowest costs available in the industry today.

You can download trial versions today at the 60 day trial. Join in the virtual launch that includes Silverlight 3 at See The Light.


Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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Comments (2)

  1. Richard Collette says:

    So I see expression 1 and 2 in the MSDN downloads but not Expression 3.   When will it be available for MSDN subscribers?

  2. Bruce Kyle says:

    You should see Expression 3 soon. It made release to manufacturing status last week. You should see if on MSDN in the next few days.

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