Preview of Windows Azure SDK for PHP Submitted for Zend Framework

Windows Azure logo bl PHP developers can now use the July CTP of PHP SDK for Windows Azure to build your applications.

As part of the announcement, our development partner Realdolmen has formally submitted the SDK to be included as part of Zend Framework which will enable speed dial for millions of PHP developers that use Zend Framework to target Azure for their web application development & hosting.

The SDK enables PHP developers to take advantage of the Microsoft Cloud Services Platform  – Windows Azure.with a consistent programming model for Windows Azure Storage (Blobs, Tables & Queues). The SDK provides:

  • PHP classes for Windows Azure Blobs, Tables & Queues (for CRUD operations)
  • Helper Classes for HTTP transport, AuthN/AuthZ, REST & Error Management
  • Manageability, Instrumentation & Logging support

For more information, see July CTP of PHP SDK for Windows Azure Released and support in Zend Framework. To download the SDK including source code, see PHPAzure on Codeplex.

Please note that you need to have the May CTP of Windows Azure to take advantage of the features in this release of PHP SDK for Windows Azure.

Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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