Check Out the Killer Apps for Surface

Microsoft Surface logo h Fast Company has assembled a set of videos that show off the capabilities of Surface. As developers find ways to make Surface's gorgeous multi-user interface shine, more and more companies are turning to the device to reinvent their customer experience.

The posting Killer Apps for Microsoft Surface: The Complete Guide includes videos of:

  • Surface DJ by Vectorform
  • Tonegrid by Stimulant
  • Table Toss by Razorfish
  • Staff Directory by Razorfish
  • Jewelry by Phenomblue
  • The Pits by Phemonblue
  • XRay by Stimulant
  • DaVinci by Razorfish
  • Genesis by Phenomblue
  • Music Quiz by Ergonomidesign
  • BMW Product Navigator by Vectorform
  • Patient Consultation Interface for Texas Health
  • Sheraton Hotel Application
  • Barclay's Premier Account App
  • Coldwell Banker's Home Search App
  • MSNBC's Electoral Coverage App

You can now try out development on Surface without having to invest in a new Surface machine in the new Microsoft Surface QuickStart Program. A new entry level titled "Microsoft Surface Community Members" provides access to the SDK and simulator, as well as training and other resources, without any commitment required.

You’ll use the same skills you learn for XAML development for Silverlight and WPF. There are differences though, primarily with multi-touch, how Surface responds to touch, and that your design your user experience without the idea of a top side. Users can approach the table from any side.

For more information about how to get started with XAML, see XAMLFest Online.

Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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