Top 100 Tips for Startups

My son Ryan shared a post with me from the July 4 weekend from a blog entitled What Would Dad Say? Frequently Wrong, Never in Doubt. The post is for those who are starting out in your own software business, typically underfunded microISVs like Ryan.  It provides some basic advise on the mindset and todo list of today’s entrepreneurs.

Although the post is called Happy Independence Day to All Independents, or Who Want to Be, the authors are looking for a better title.

Here is some of the top ten tips for startups:

  • Speed reading
  • A must-read list
  • Get comfortable asking for advice and help
  • Present your startup idea to anyone who will listen
  • Get really, really good at concisely stating your business idea
  • Find a metaphor that works for your business idea
  • It is about leadership, not management
  • Love your prospects
  • Know what you are good at
  • Build your team

No all of the nuances are obvious as the list might first appear. So the post goes on to list 90 more including some key tips for once you are in the jump-to-light speed phase. Here’s a sampling of them:

  • Storytellers needed
  • TIVO-Ability
  • To sell many, sell one
  • Your sales people don’t work for you
  • Be ready for luck
  • Never talk down, talk up
  • Communicate with your stakeholders often
  • Better to be OCD, than ADD
  • No one will like change, except you

Take a look. It’s what dad would say.

Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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  1. It is interesting to see that you have listed speed reading first in your list. But it is true that it will help you a lot as it allows you to develop your knowledge on business issues with out spending too much time on it.

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