‘Revolution 9’ To Enhance Channel 9

Channel 9, the video site and forum aimed at software developers.will be redesigned and revamped to add live webcasts, better integration with social networks, new technical training materials. In addition, you will see more posts from the company's technology leaders.

The initiative, called "Revolution 9," was introduced in a special edition of "This Week in Channel 9".

The US ISV team often posts partner videos and how to screencasts to Channel 9.

The plan is to phase out Channel 8 for students and Channel 10 site for technical enthusiasts and blend the content into Channel 9. Coding4Fun site also be phased out in standalone form, with its content rolled into Channel 9, although the "Coding4Fun" name will still be used as part of the larger site. Some content that would have been on Channel 8 will go to Microsoft's Student Experience site. The changes don't affect the Mix Online or TechNet Edge sites.

Channel 9 was launched five years ago, featuring behind-the-scenes video interviews with Microsoft engineering leaders, software developers and executives. The name comes from United Airlines in-flight channel that lets passengers listen in on the cockpit.

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