See the Preview of Office 2010 – The Movie

Office2010TheMovie Office 2010 – The Movie has added a behind the scenes video and a preview for the upcoming Office 2010. Specific features and capabilities of the product have yet to be released. The pokes fun at recent leaks of the product onto the Internet.

Visual Studio 2010 adds new features to make development of Office applications easier with Visual Studio Tools for Office. To make Office programming easier with C# and VB, a new ‘dynamic’ keyword, named parameters, and optional parameters. It makes writing calls into Office much easier and without having to deploy PIA.

To keep up to date with Office 2010 for developers, see:

You can sign up to participate in the preview using a link at the bottom of Office 2010 – The Movie.

Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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