Community Preview for “Oslo” Released

visualstudio A new community preview of “Oslo” has been released May CTP. "Oslo" is the code name for Microsoft’s next generation modeling platform. This CTP includes:

  • "Quadrant" – a visual modeling tool
  • "M" – a modeling language
  • Repository – a SQL Server 2008 database to store models
  • UML domain models and a loader to import UML diagrams in XMI format into the repository
  • CLR domain models and a loader to import .NET assemblies into the repository

Oslo consists of four primary components, designed to facilitate creation and use of domain-specific models and model-driven programming. The first is a family of programming languages, called M, designed to permit domains to be created textually. Next, a visual development tool code-named Quadrant will let developers visually edit domains. Oslo will also include a repository for managing domain models -- currently SQL Server 2008 -- and a library of pre-fabricated domain models and languages.The "Oslo" repository implementation wraps some CDC and change-tracking functions so that security policies can be enforced. For example, if a user is not allowed to see the contents of a folder, then the user should also not be able to see changes related to the folder.

New in this CTP:

  • The "Quadrant" modeling tool. Use Quadrant to browse and edit models in a repository database.
  • Domain models for the UML 2.1 specification encompassing Use Case, Activity, Class, Sequence, Component diagrams, profiles and templates.
  • An XMI importer supporting the 2.1 specifications, and covering the diagrams identified above.
  • A domain model and loader for System.Runtime.

You can download the May 2009 CTP from Microsoft "Oslo" - May 2009 CTP

You can get started using Olso from the Oslo development center on MSDN. You’ll find links to download the latest release, a tour of model-driven development, technology overviews of the repository, the modeling tool, the provided domains, videos on Oslo, and tutorials on getting started and samples. You’ll aslo find sample model data for “Quadrant”.

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