Windows 7 Software Logo Toolkit Ready Now For Compatibility Tests

Windows7ClientSoftwareLogoProgram Microsoft is pleased to announce the public availability of the Beta release for the Windows 7 Software Logo Toolkit.  The toolkit allows ISVs to submit and receive the Compatible with Windows 7 logo for your products.

Improvements, including self-test for applications, instant approval of passing applications, and a streamlined waiver process dramatically speed up the logo testing and the submission process. Fees for logo submissions have also been eliminated. 

As a valued logo partner, the Compatible with Windows 7 program also offers a variety of benefits including co-branding, MS partner points, and premier placement on a variety of online consumer facing sites.

Here are a few simple steps towards getting started:

  1. Download the Beta logo toolkit here:
    NOTE: this link also includes the logo requirements document, toolkit release notes, a toolkit user’s guide, and an overview of the submission process.
  2. Submit the test report from the toolkit via:
  3. If a waiver is needed for a failing test case from the toolkit report, the streamlined waiver process can be initiated by completing the online form at the following link:

You can qualify to use logo artwork and marketing guides can be downloaded from immediately as soon as the following has been completed:

  • The passing logo report is submitted and the logo policies are accepted
  • The Software Logo License Agreement is signed online

The instructions on how to perform the two manual tests can be found in the release notes.

Only test results generated by the Beta release of the toolkit can be used to submit for the logo. In other words, results from the alpha version won’t count.

For more information, see the FAQs:

For a list of specific steps to take to insure your application is Windows 7 Compatible, see Windows Application Compatibility.

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