Surface Computing Takes the Next Level with ‘SecondLight’ Research

surfacelogo Although Surface has just received it’s latest update (for more information, see Surface Gets Update), you may be interested in what some future generation Surface might look like. There’s no announcement of inclusion of this technology in any particular Microsoft product. That said, it’s always fun to get a first look at what the researchers are thinking about.

I have included a video here that demos possible future directions for  Surface that has been produced by Microsoft Research in Cambridge.

"SecondLight" is far more adventurous in its aims. It aims to take the projection on the Surface and allow you to view it above the actual screen within a three-dimensional space. So what does that mean? The reason I’m posting this blog is that this is one of the more amazing tech videos I’ve seen in a long time. See it to understand.

For more video demos of Surface that you can build today, see 11 Killer Apps for Microsoft Surface.

For more information about Surface, see the Surface site and Surface team blog.

Programs for Surface are written using a toolkit built on Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). For more information about getting started with Surface, see Resources for Surface WPF Development.

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