Prizes for Innovation Highlight Windows 7 Incubation Week

Windows 7 Incubation week focused on bringing innovative startups to build applications highlighting the features on Windows 7 like multi-touch, sensor support and rich client application support that solve real world problems. In addition to helping the startups, the event focused on highlighting the Windows 7 client and the new features it supports.

Four application were built on Windows 7 during the week in Irvine, CA.  A local team, named Team 5, consisted of two unemployed developers. They came together at the event and built a healthcare application on Windows 7 for diagnostic imaging and looking at opportunities for commercializing the application, The team won the best in technology award of Incubation week.

Best in business award went to Ingenium Care. Advisors Award went to Quantellia.

One of the startups was invited on for the radio talk show by Jeff levy to talk about how their solution on Windows 7 with touch is helping elderly and disabled veterans returning from battle fields.

Here’s the list of companies that participated.


Ingenium Care is developing an Integrated Remote Care system for the elderly and disabled such as soldiers returning with PTSD and TBI.


Quantellia is the provider of Decision Engineering software and services. Decision engineering brings a rigorous approach to decision making, including a process methodology and standardized graphical representations of decision elements.


mTools is a suite of mobile tools inclusive of mHome, mShare, and mSync with more tools on the way. mTools is meant to provide you with easy management of your mobile life and enable you to transfer files from mobile device to mobile device.


Through global user-generated content, CookEatShare offers a trustworthy network of passionate chefs, their recipes and great entertaining ideas. A great consumer application that takes the PC to the kitchen with touch enabled solution for cooking and sharing recipes.

Team 5

A team of unemployed local developers who came together to build a solution on Windows 7. Our application enhances, extends, & improves medical imaging diagnosis through Windows 7 screen manipulation functionality. Physicians will be able to interact with an image in innumerable ways never before imagined, which will greatly improve diagnostic accuracy & timeliness, as well as providing a comprehensive medical records paradigm shift & better patient understanding of the course of their treatment.

Special thanks to the training partner Interknowlogy and offshore development partner Aditi Technologies.

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