Windows Error Reporting Overview: Live Meeting

On March 25th the US ISV team hosted a call with the Windows Error Reporting group and some of our Managed USVs in the US.  Unfortunately we were not able to invite all of our ISVs to attend, and some had conflicts with the date/time of the event.  We were able to record the event and would now like to share the information for all to consume.  This was a key session as obtaining the Windows 7 Compatible logo will require that you participate in Windows Error Reporting.  The cost of the program is free, except for the VeriSign certificate you will have to have to prove your companies identity during sign-up.   The benefits you gain from the program are immense, if you take advantage of the reporting that is provided to you.  Many companies who participate today have begun to fix bugs their software has on Windows 7 as a result of the reports they are getting showing failures on Windows 7 Beta machines!  You can obtain more information about Windows Error Reporting, the Windows 7 Compatible logo program and watch the recording by following these links:

Windows Error Reporting Live Meeting session:

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