Top 10 Scenarios; ISVs Add Customer Value with Windows 7 Features

With the release candidate of Windows 7 publicly available soon, we thought you might like a sheet that helps you decide which features of Windows 7 to incorporate in your application.



Windows 7 Features

Customer Value


Desktop Application

·         Scenic Ribbon

·         Enhanced Taskbar

·         Gadgets Enhancement

Richer desktop application experience


Office Automation / Knowledge Management Application

·         Library

·         File Formats

·         Native Code Support for XPS Document

More convenient for managing Files and Data ; flexible way to compose Office document either via managed or unmanaged code


Web Application

·         Federated Search

·         IE8

After adding Windows 7 compatible Open Search API support to your searchable web application , desktop client can create a Search Connector for that web for one-stop search ; IE 8 provides real-world interoperability with other browsers and compatibility for existing sites, makes Web development faster and easier with built-in developer tools.


Utility Apps such as Security, Network, Download

·         Service Hardening, Enhanced Windows Filtering Platform, Trigger-Started Services, Power-aware application API, Distributed Routing Table, Windows BranchCache

Improve the quality of such utility applications from the view of performance, security, power consumption etc.


GPS, Scientific Applications

·         Sensor Platform (Location/light/ temperature sensor)

Windows 7 provides a solid, easy-to-use platform for using sensor devices to create environmental awareness in Windows applications


Tablet Application Provider

·         Enhanced Handwriting and Ink

Windows 7 improves the pen experience by providing greater accuracy and speed.


Devices Provider

·         Device Experience Platform

·         Windows Biometric Framework

Windows 7 provides device makers with prominent placement on the Windows desktop, with branding opportunities and a simple interface for presenting the functionality and services that the device supports.


Gaming , Media Player & Graphic Applications

·         Multi-Touch Gestures

·         Media Platform

·         Enhanced DirectX APIs

Bring more Intuitive User Experience; Media Foundation has been enhanced to provide better format support, including MPEG-4, as well as support for video capture devices and hardware codecs; Take advantage of the latest innovations in GPUs to add fast, scalable, high-quality, 2D and 3D graphics, text, and images to their applications.


Multi-Language Applications

·         Extended Linguistic Services

Windows 7 provides developers with a standard method to prepare their applications for the international market by delivering an improved multi-language user interface support and linguistic services that they can use in their applications


Developer Desktop

·         Native Boot VHD

·         Windows PowerShell 2.0

·         Windows Troubleshooting Platform

Fast-reset testing environment, more convenient management & problem troubleshooting for developers

This list is intended for you to discover the possibilities for your own application.

To learn more about how to light up these features, see:

My thanks to my colleagues in China who put this together and translated it into English.

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  1. Ramya Ramani says:

    Hi Bruce,

    This is an excellent article which will point ISV’s in the right direction on the features that need to be implemented for adding customer value.

    I would appreciate it if you can give me permission to reproduce some parts of this post in our monthly newsletter. Our newsletter is aimed at software product development companies and this kind of input is definitely going to add value to the readers.


    Ramya Ramani

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