Prototyping Continues for Startups During Incubation Week Day 2

We're up to Day 2 of Incubation Week for Windows 7 in Irvine, CA. The event includes four startups who have pulled together marketing and technical persons. Incubation Week helps them take their ideas and turn them into working prototypes.

Day 2 of the Incubation Week started with calls to the India team at Aditi Technologies updating the teams on the development work that was done offshore. Aditi team worked on discrete modules of the application for the startups that needs to be integrated into the application.

Teams continued their prototyping work through the day, focusing on WPF development along with enabling multi-touch in their applications on Windows 7.

We had a guest speaker, Parag Patel from Everest Law Group. Parag talked about intellectual property rights and gave guidance to the teams as to how to protect their ideas and create a protection plan using patents, copyright, trade marks etc. He also discussed about the other legal challenges startups need to consider as they turn their ideas into solutions.

Teams are fully focussed on developement at this stage and getting ready for the final presenation to the panelists for Friday.

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