PHP Driver for SQL Server, Source Code Released

SQL Server Driver for PHP is now available for download on the MSDN download site.  The source code to the update has been published on the CodePlex site.  We've modified the source code specifically so that the extension can be compiled and used with the current builds of PHP 5.3.

This cumulative update primarily consists of fixes to issues reported by the PHP community via our MSDN forum site.

We've also made two less technical changes to improve the overall experience"

  • The extension is now the SQL Server Driver for PHP.  The previous name (SQL Server 2005 Driver for PHP) had caused some confusion among developers as to whether or not the extension supported SQL Server 2008.  Per feedback from marketing, we've removed the SQL Server version information from the extension name.

  • We have clearer guidance in our documentation to help users download and install SQL Native Client, which the PHP extension uses to communicate with SQL Server.  At run-time, if the PHP extension detects the ODBC error that indicates that SQL Native Client is not installed, we now generate an error saying that SQL Native Client must be installed, and we include the download URL in that error message.

For more information and to download, see SQL Server Driver for PHP Version 1.0 Cumulative Update - April 2009.

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