Draw User Interface Ideas Soon Using SketchFlow

How many times have you sat down and drawn out your application design literally on a napkin? Those early stage designs provide the powerful insights into what you want your application to do. But what if you can turn those diagrams into something that works?  Or at least something that helps you think through your application?

S. Somasegar, Microsoft's Senior Vice President of Developer Division, has announced a set of tools that add on to Expression Blend 3 called SketchFlow on his blog at Prototyping with SketchFlow.

With SketchFlow, you can, sketch out ideas, then turn those ideas into working prototypes that are as rough or as real as you want them to be. And next, you can present those interactive user experiences for review and comment in the SketchFlow player.

SketchFlow prototypes are quick and informal, enabling designers to easily explore a variety of ideas. You can run and explore prototypes from the first rough sketch on. When you are ready to develop further, you can convert a prototype into a real application in Expression Blend or Visual Studio.

You sketch your idea in an outline, map flow and navigation, gather feedback.

For more information see his post, watch a video on SketchFlow or read his previous post on the Expression Blend 3 Preview.

SketchFlow is planned for release later this calendar year according to the blog.

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