Startups Begin Apps on Elderly Assistance, Decision Management, Mobile Life, Cooking in Day 1 of Incubation Week

The Windows 7 Incubation week kicked off at the Microsoft technology center in Irvine, CA on April 27th . The event is a week-long exercise with four startups building innovative applications using Windows 7.


The event started off by a welcome address by my colleague, Suresh Sreedharan, followed by 6-hour marathon training on Windows 7 by the team from Interknowlogy. The training focused on the multi-touch and sensor platform along with the other new capabilities on the Windows 7 platform.


After the training the teams started the prototyping effort. The teams are also working with remote offshore teams in India with Aditi Technologies to do round the clock development.


Each team is assigned an advisor that guides them through the development process. The startups are building solutions to assist elderly and disabled, to support decision management systems, tools for managing mobile life and as well as cooking application using social networking.


The teams are knee deep in their development efforts. Check back to get updates as the week progress.

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