NEW “How Do I” Videos for Windows Azure

New HDI videos for Windows Azure were posted online. One of the most exciting ones shows accessing Live Framework from PHP apps! There are even Code snippets included where relevant. This is really cool stuff that you should check out if you are planning in, or interested in, moving your application into the cloud.

Visit the overall HDI landing page regularly and sign up for the RSS feeds.

The HDIs are a great tool to get a first look into the Microsoft Cloud Platform without installing the CTP and gives you a great starting point to start your own development in case you have the CTP installed and are keen to move to the cloud.

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Azure Services Platform Solution

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Access Windows Live Profiles and Contacts from  PHP Apps

The Azure Services Platform is continuously expanding its interoperability in a standards based approach.  Here’s another great example: Live framework is the uniform way of programming Live Services from any platform, programming language, application or device.  As a concrete example, check out a very useful “how do I” screencast  - - Access Windows Live Profiles and Contacts from PHP apps - -  by Program Manager Nishant Gupta.  He also provides a code snippet you can use to step along with the video.

Extend the Live Framework Resource Model

In this screencast, find out how you can store and automatically sync many kinds of data in the Live Framework to all your devices in the mesh


Using Logging in a Windows Azure Application

Windows Azure provides a built-in framework for writing log messages from your applications. In this screencast, you’ll learn how to use the Windows Azure logging API and how to read log messages whether your application is running in the development fabric or in the cloud.


Use the .NET Workflow Service

Windows Workflow Foundation provides a platform for using managed code to defined work as composable, reusable parts. With .NET Services, you can host your workflow in the cloud and access it from anywhere. In this screencast, you’ll see the basics of taking a simple workflow and deploying it to the cloud.

Multicast with the .NET Service Bus

The Microsoft .NET Service Bus supports a range of connectivity options. In this screencast, see how multicast is supported through via code examples and sample applications.

Have fun in the cloud 🙂

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