Map Apps to Cloud, Discover Business Motivations, Develop Parallel Apps, Much More in Latest Architecture Journal

The Architecture Journal 19 - TechEd Special Edition is now available online.

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  • Mapping Applications to the Cloud by Darryl Chantry. Will all applications run in the Cloud? Should you attempt to port all of your existing applications to the Cloud? Should all your new applications be developed in the Cloud?What is this Cloud thing, anyway? These are a few of the questions that arise whenever you start thinking about using cloud services.

  • Toward an Enterprise Business Motivation Model, by Nick Malik. Building software applications involves many important decisions. By organizing these decisions as a language and a set of mental models, we can organize and share knowledge more effectively. Rather than a sea of information, we can quickly browse hot spots for relevant solutions.

  • Developing Parallel Programs, by Ranjan Sen, Ph.D. Parallel programming is becoming the mainstream paradigm in day-to-day information processing. Its aim is to build the fastest programs on parallel computers. This article shows how the methodologies for developing a parallel program can be put into integrated frameworks.

  • Enterprise Social Computing, by Kendrick Efta. Starting small, certain enterprises reproduced the effects of consumer-focused social computing technologies within the firewall. As success stories are being seen and case studies take shape, organizations can begin to plan social computing investments that involve customers, partners, and external communities in order to harness all that collective intelligence.

  • A Pragmatic Approach to Describing Solution Architectures, by Mike Walker. Production environments often fail to realize the solution architectures described in the documentation. In this article, we look at how we view, approach, and maintainarchitecture descriptions that will help guide decision making at the implementation stage.

  • A Language for Software Architecture, by J.D. Meier. This article outlines a new structure that can be used to model a wide array of business motivations in context with the structure and activities of the business. Adopting this structure can support an effort toward greater enterprise architecture maturity. 

You'll find useful information about putting ideas into practice in both the featured articles themselves and the complementary readings through our partnership with MSDN Magazine for software developers and Technet Magazine for IT professionals.

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