Dates Updated for Windows 7 Application Compatibility Labs

Your company is invited to participate in a half-day, complimentary Windows 7 AppCompat Lab ($1,000 value).  This offering will give you the opportunity to test your application on Windows 7 in order to determine compatibility and performance characteristics.  Work with Microsoft Technology Architects at a Microsoft Technology Center to understand how to manage and optimize your product for Windows 7.


The purpose of these labs is to assist ISVs verify that your applications will run on Windows 7 and to provide feedback to the Windows product group as issues arise.


To register for the lab, see .  All registrations are available at the same Website. You can select morning or afternoon session for your location.


Dates for the Waltham, MA and Alpharetta, GA sites have been updated.



Event Date

Chicago, IL

April 20 - 24

Irvine, CA

April  27 – May 1

Dallas (Irving), TX

May 4 - 8

New York, NY

May 18 - 22

Mountain View, CA

June 1 - 5

Reston, VA

June 8 - 12

Alpharetta, GA

June 15 - 19

Waltham, MA

June 22 - 26

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