Vote for USA’s Imagine Cup Contender

The Imagine Cup, now in its seventh year, effectively blends entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, design and social responsibility for students around the world. For the first time in US Imagine Cup history, we are hosting a “People’s Choice” voting competition where anyone (that means YOU!) can view the finalists’ project videos, and vote for their favorite team/project at IC US People's Choice.  Voting is open until April 30th. The us representative is headed to Egypt for the finals.

Enties received this year cover inspiring solutions across hard hitting needs including: combating AIDS, malaria and other diseases, improving education, ensuring environmental sustainability, improving maternal health and reducing child mortality. Out of the thousands across the country who registered, 21 teams are showcased with inspiring and innovative personal contributions - including our first all woman team and our first all brother team.

Together with other Microsoft programs such as DreamSpark and Students2Business, and in close collaboration with education, community and government partners, we are working to inspire students and provide real world experiences to help them pursue the dynamic career opportunities in technology available today.

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