Alpha Version of Windows Logo Testing Kit Ready April 14

In an announcement to subcribers of the Windows Logo program, the first community preview of the Windows Logo Test Kit will be available for download April 14. The toolkit is a simple, light-weight, automated command-line tool to verify an application’s compliance against the Logo requirements. It generates a compliance report based on the outcome of the Logo tests.

You may opt-in HERE to be notified via email when the Alpha toolkit is released.

The validations performed by the toolkit are a reflection of the updated logo specification and requirements available today at Windows Client Software Logo Requirements.xps. The documentation explains the behavior and policies which will help you get a sense of where your applications are with respect to Windows 7 Logo readiness.

What Applications Qualify?

For an application to qualify for the Windows 7 Logo Program, it must meet the following criteria:

  • The application must be a standalone1 application

  • The application must run on a local Windows 7 machine.

The following application types illustrate standalone applications that qualify for the Windows 7 Software Logo Program:

  • A Windows 7 application that requires Microsoft Outlook 2007 to be installed

  • A Java or .NET application or similar hosted runtime environment

  • A Windows 7 application that requires optical media to run

  • A Windows 7 application that requires a connection to a server

To qualify, your software must adhere to the following standards.


  • Comply with Anti-Spyware Coalition Guidelines

  • Do not modify Windows Resource Protections (WRP) protected resources

  • Ensure ongoing quality

Technical Requirements

  • Clean, reversable installation

  • Install to the correct folders by default

  • Digitally sign files and drivers

  • Support x64 version of Windows

  • Do not block installation or application launch based on OS version check

  • Follow User Account Control (UAC) Guidelines

  • Adhere to Restart Manager Messages

  • Do not load Services and Drivers in Safe Mode

  • Support Multiuser Sessions

That's it. The details are available in the Windows Client Software Logo Requirements.xps.

Some additional recommendations are made concerning how your application uses default programs and file associations, uses high resolution displays, Unicode, and security.

Windows 7 Client Software Logo Roadmap

Follow these steps to verify that your application complies with the Windows 7 Client Software Logo technical requirements:

  1. Download and install the Windows 7 Client Software Logo Toolkit

  2. Run the Toolkit to validate your application

  3. Ensure the application adheres to all policies

  4. Accept and sign all legal agreements

  5. Opt in to receive communications from Microsoft about your product(s)

  6. Mail a licensed copy of your software to Microsoft

  7. Upon successful completion of validation testing submit the results to Microsoft

Call to Action

  1. Review the requirements and test your app.

  2. Download the tests and test your application.

  3. Submit the results.

  4. Display the Windows 7 logo on your Website and marketing materials.

  5. Light up your application on Windows 7. For more information, see the Windows 7 blog for developers.

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