Windows Azure SDK Updated for .NET, PHP, FastCGI, ADO.NET, Full Trust

Scott Guthrie, Corporate Vice President .NET Developer Platform, announced updates for Windows Azure this week at MIX09. This included support for you to host .NET applications or PHP applications. You can also run ASP.NETapplications that require full trust and additional capabilities on the machine.

In addition, raw ADO.NET support has been added within the Azure cloud, which means that you now have a relational API and a relational support. You can use whatever data access layer you want, whether it's linked through entities, linked to SQL, n-Hyibernate, DataSets, or any other data access technology that you'd like to be able to actually work against raw SQL tables for procedures. This lets you build a .NET application, run it on your local server, run it in the cloud, and in most cases, not have to change any code between them.

The update to the Windows® Azure™ SDK and Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio that supports this new functionality is available now. Install both the Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio and SDK or just install the Windows Azure SDK alone.

What’s new in Windows Azure SDK

  • Support for developing Managed Full Trust applications. It also provides support for Native Code via PInvokes and spawning native processes.

  • Support for developing FastCGI applications, including support for rewrite rules via URL Rewrite Module.

  • Improved support for the integration of development storage with Visual Studio, including enhanced performance and support for SQL Server (only local instance).

What’s new in Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio

  • Combined installer includes the Windows Azure SDK

  • Addressed top customer issues

  • Native Code Debugging

  • Update Notification of future releases

  • FastCGI template

We will continue to release updates to Windows Azure and its tools based on your feedback. Share your Windows Azure experiences.

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