Join In with MIX09 Live Content Online

MIX09 is the major event of the year for Web developers. And MIX Online is a community for web designers and developers who build and believe in the innovative web.

The latest announcements, live streaming keynotes, and more starts March 18 (Wednesday) 9 am Pacific (noon Eastern). You can see it from your workplace or home at Also, as a special offering for the viewing audience at home, 30 minutes after Scott Guthrie walks off the stage, he will come back for a live, intimate, online-only video chat with Jeff Atwood ( & Jeff Sandquist. Questions will be submitted via Twitter using the #askthegu hashtag.

In additon, you'll be able to see many of the sessions within 24 hours after they occur.

You'll also find freely downloadable, open source, and immediately usable prototypes with no strings attached at MIX labs. You can even subscribe to an RSS Feed for labs, articles, and opinions.

Come join in the fun and learn what's new for the Web.

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