Big Savings Now on for Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio Team System 2008

Depending on the Visual Studio solution you already use, you can select and save up to 30 percent when you step up to either Visual Studio 2008 Team Editions or Visual Team System 2008 Team Suite. 

  • MSDN Attach.  Save up to $500 on a MSDN Subscription.   For a limited time, save up to $500 when you add a MSDN Premium or MSDN Professional subscription to Visual Studio 2005 Edition or Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition license. Plus, if you start a new 2- or 3-year MSDN Premium or MSDN Professional Subscription today, you’ll get Visual Studio 2010 when it ships.

  • Visual Studio Team Step-Up.  Get a lot more for a lot less – save 30% and get a 2-for-1 deal!
    Save 30% when you step up from Visual Studio Professional Edition with MSDN Premium to Visual Studio Team System Development Edition with MSDN Premium. Bonus! Database Edition is included – get both sets of functionality for the price of one!

  • Visual Studio Team Suite Step-up.  Already have one or more of the Visual Studio Team System Team Editions? Amplify your productivity by stepping up to Visual Studio Team Suite. Get even MORE for less: Save 30% when you step up from any Team System Edition with MSDN Premium to Team Suite with MSDN Premium!

  • Visual Studio Competitive Offer.  Switch to Visual Studio Professional Edition and save up to $250! We’re offering up to $250 off to anyone who switches from another developer environment. If you’re using Eclipse, ActiveState Komodo, NetBeans, Express or something else to author and debug your code, it’s time to upgrade to a better environment. No offer code needed. No strings. We trust you. If you use another developer tool, you are eligible to purchase Visual Studio at the upgrade price.

For more information, see Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Special Offers. In addiiton, you can get trial editions that are good for 180-days at Visual Studio Trials.

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